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From Chia-Hung Lin <cli...@googlemail.com>
Subject Discussion about guideline
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2013 14:33:18 GMT
As hama community grows, it seems that it is good to have a guideline
so that participants can follow and cooperate more smoothly. Therefore
I would like to discuss about this, and please share your opinions so
that we can improve the process.

Below are some issues popping up on my head.
- roadmap prioritization
- development work flow

First, each release, or between different releases, would have tasks
included. Among tasks there might have priority between those tasks or
a task may block one or more tasks. So how do we determine priority of
tasks or that between several releases? An naive thought is by voting;
however, issues may not be clear for every participants. In that case,
voting may defer more important tasks.

Second, a few subtopics are listed as below:

- Code review
Though a commit section is described, it is not clear how the
procedure will be practised. My thought is

a.) when a patch is submitted, at least 2 reviewers should help review
source code.
b.) the patch creator should describe e.g. execution flow/ procedure
in a higher/ conceptual level.

Reviewers then can cooperate review parts of the code in patch (tool
may help in this stage). Some review points such as (java) doc and
test cases should be included.

- Test cases
Each patch should have test cases that at least capture the main
logical flow. And the tests is recommended not to bound to external
dependencies so that time spent on testing can be reduced.

- Doc (Java doc or wiki)
Class should at least describe what it is, or its main logic flow. Or
at lease write down the mechanism in wiki. Method fields that is not
self-explanatory would be good to have doc explaining its purpose or
its execution mechanism.

Just some ideas I have at the moment. Will add more if I find others.
And we should keep improving it when necessary. Please add your points
if you think some are missing, or remove some that is not needed.

[1]. How to commit - Review https://wiki.apache.org/hama/HowToCommit#Review

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