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From andronat_asf <andronat_...@hotmail.com>
Subject Dynamic vertices and hama counters
Date Sat, 13 Jul 2013 13:28:04 GMT
Hello everyone,

I'm working on HAMA-767 and I have some concerns on counters and scalability. Currently, every
peer has a set of vertices and a variable that is keeping the total number of vertices through
all peers. In my case, I'm trying to add and remove vertices during the runtime of a job,
which means that I have to update all those variables.

My problem is that this is not efficient because in every operation (add or remove a vertex)
I need to update all peers, so I need to send lots of messages to make those updates (see
GraphJobRunner#countGlobalVertexCount method) and I believe this is not correct and scalable.
An other problem is that, even if I update all those variable (with the cost of sending lots
of messages to every peer) those variables will be updated on the next superstep. 


Peer 1:                            Peer 2:
  Vert_1                              Vert_2
(Total_V = 2)                  (Total_V = 2)
(Total_V = 3)
                                         getNumberOfV() => 2

------------------------ Sync ------------------------

					 getNumberOfV() => 3

Is there something like global counters or shared memory that it can address this issue? 

P.S. I have a small feeling that we don't need to track the total amount of vertices because
vertex centered algorithms rarely need total numbers, they only depend on neighbors (I might
be wrong though).

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