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From Suraj Menon <surajsme...@apache.org>
Subject [DISCUSS] Chaining Supersteps setup, bsp and cleanup execution order
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 14:03:10 GMT
Hi, I wanted to open this discussion on the order by which the setup,
bsp and cleanup functions are called in Chaining Supestep design.

Today the execution order is (say for 3 supersteps defined for a task) :


1. Superstep1.setup
2. Superstep2.setup
3. Superstep3.setup
4. Superstep1.compute
5. Superstep2.compute
6. Superstep3.compute
7. Superstep1.cleanup
8. Superstep2.cleanup
9. Superstep3.cleanup

However, I had a totally different intuition on this. I assumed that
every Superstep lifecycle is completely executed before the next one
in chain.
I programmed setup of Superstep2 to be dependent on results in
Superstep1#compute function, which turned out to be buggy.


1. Superstep1.setup
2. Superstep1.compute
3. Superstep1.cleanup
4. Superstep2.setup
5. Superstep2.compute
6. Superstep2.cleanup
7. Superstep3.setup
8. Superstep3.bsp
9. Superstep3.cleanup

This might be counter-intuitive for some others. Looking for opinions
on which execution order to choose.
We have not released it yet, hence we can make a decision in time.


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