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From "ChiaHung Lin" <chl...@nuk.edu.tw>
Subject Re: Lowering the barrier
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 10:12:11 GMT
For the 1st issue, probably we should provide a step by step guide with a simple example such
as hello world. There we provides concrete setting how the system is configured, including
hdfs, bsp daemons, etc., and execution steps because some users perhaps even have no clues
what cluster is. Concrete pictures, configuration setting, and a working example may better
illustrate what hama is and how it might work. 

For the second issue, a todo list linking to jira or threads may be a bit cleaner for new
comer to check if something they have interest. The disadvantage is the list may need updated

I would like to take on the first task if we think that's ok. But what example we should take
as some examples e.g. serialized printing are going to be moved to test package? 

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From:Tommaso Teofili <tommaso.teofili@gmail.com>
Date:Fri, 4 Nov 2011 09:52:02 +0100
Subject:Lowering the barrier

Hi all,
I've been thinking about how to improve our community experience and
attract new users and contributors for some time and I am quite sure we
should, at least, try to do the following :

   1. make our getting started guides much much more easy for someone who
   doesn't have any clue about what, for instance, Hadoop is and how to
   configure it; defining a more tiny and clear list of small steps in order
   to start Hama, the web interface, etc. I don't know if that's a common
   opinion but it seems to me the 'quick start' page contains all the needed
   stuff to know to start Hama but for a new user it may be not so easy to
   manage all that information.
   2. allow more users to contribute creating small and self contained
   issues. This was the way I started here at ASF: I didn't have a deep
   understanding of each of the components of the first project I was involved
   with (Apache UIMA) but I found some small and trivial issues (a couple of
   lines of code to document / fix / create) I could start from and that
   allowed me to get more familiar with the code and the insights of the
   project AND at the same time this allowed the project committers to care
   more about bigger and more complex issues. The big design decisions and
   improvements will be still handled by committers most of the times but
   simpler things can be improved and taken from newcomers.

One other thing could be improve how we present to the "public" with our
website but it may be tricky, however there I suggest adding some
screenshots/pictures for the architecture / BSP model.
One last thing regards a technical point: it may be good if we could define
a Maven profile to automatically start a Hama cluster from Maven but we
should decide if / how to do that; this would allow the user to do a SVN
checkout, run the Maven goal and understanding by seeing Hama working.
Just as an example for the web interface to be started from Maven, we could
use the Maven Jetty plugin [1].
I hope this helps but I look forward to ear other people opinions and
Have a nice day.

[1] : http://docs.codehaus.org/display/JETTY/Maven+Jetty+Plugin

ChiaHung Lin
Department of Information Management
National University of Kaohsiung

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