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From Ashish Agarwal <ashish.a77...@gmail.com>
Subject BSPMaster and Groomserver not starting up
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 09:25:31 GMT

When I try to start the BSPMaster, Groomserver and Zookeeper using the
command bin/start-bspd.sh, I am only able to start up the zookeeper.
The BSPMaster and the groomserver do not start.

How do I start the BSPMaster and the groom ?

ashish@ubuntu:~/Desktop/Project/hama-trunk$ bin/start-bspd.sh
localhost: starting zookeeper, logging to
starting bspmaster, logging to
localhost: starting groom, logging to
ashish@ubuntu:~/Desktop/Project/hama-trunk$ jps
3308 Jps
3047 ZooKeeperRunner

I get a similar output when I try to run the commands -

bin/hama-daemons.sh --config
/home/ashish/Desktop/Project/hama-trunk/conf --hosts groomservers
start zookeeper
bin/hama-daemon.sh --config
/home/ashish/Desktop/Project/hama-trunk/conf --hosts groomservers
start bspmaster
bin/hama-daemons.sh --config
/home/ashish/Desktop/Project/hama-trunk/conf --hosts groomservers
start groom


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