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From Miklós Erdélyi <erdely...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: HAMA messaging improvement patch & BSP graph processing framework
Date Sun, 20 Mar 2011 22:22:44 GMT
Hi Edward!

You convinced me -- let's go ahead with the 0.2 release without the
patch in question ;-)

But please commit the patch as soon as possible to make it easier to
do incremental improvements upon it!


2011/3/18 Edward J. Yoon <edwardyoon@apache.org>:
> Hi Miklos!
> Yes, I've already looked at your patch. It's perfect! (actually it was
> on my todo list.)
> By the way, having been developing the 0.2 for so long, I think it is
> time to release the Hama 0.2 and implement next features. (You can
> check our roadmap here http://wiki.apache.org/hama/RoadMap)
> Here's more detailed my thoughts and opinions about 0.2 release:
> 1) Currently, the Apache Hama 0.2 provides a *basic* functionality
> enabling the user to understand the Bulk Synchronous Parallel. That's
> it! so there's no performance improvement plan anymore. I think, ...
> it'll also provide big participate opportunities for new volunteers
> like you. :)
> 2) Once we release Hama 0.2, we can just start the Hama 0.3. IMO,
> It'll be a *product level* software includes many useful features with
> improved performance, such as In/output system, Runtime compression of
> BSP message, Network condition based mechanisms, Web UI, ..., etc.
> As above reason, I prefer to commit your patch to 0.3 version.
> What do you think?
> P.S. I hope you forgive me, I'm CC our community to discuss this together.
> 2011/3/18 Miklós Erdélyi <erdelyi.m@gmail.com>:
>> Hi Edward,
>> Thanks for accepting my first little patch for HAMA (TestBSPPeer modification)!
>> I'm a PhD student in Hungary at the University of Pannonia. At the
>> moment my research topic is related to link-based graph-similarity
>> algorithms for which I plan to do measurements on implementations in
>> I've already written a prototype on top of HAMA which supports
>> Pregel-like graph computations without fault-tolerance. It supports
>> loading graph partitions by peers, performing local computations on
>> vertexes, grouping of incoming messages per vertex and stopping after
>> a fixed number of iterations.
>> Currently the greatest bottleneck is the messaging part: there I would
>> like to help improving HAMA. I'd like to implement asynchronous
>> message processing and grouping incoming messages by message tag. The
>> latter would allow more efficient iteration through messages intended
>> for a specific vertex while the former would shorten the computational
>> + messaging phase generally.
>> As a first step I've uploaded to JIRA a simple patch which speeds up
>> HAMA messaging by delivering messages for the local peer directly into
>> its queue (i.e., there's no network transfer for locally delivered
>> messages). Also, this patch adds a peer InetNetworkAddress cache to
>> avoid costly InetNetworkAddress construction on every message sent.
>> You have already commented on this patch so I guess you have already
>> looked at it.
>> In case you have ideas or pointers for the HAMA-based graph
>> computation framework in general or improving messaging performance in
>> particular, please let me know! :)
>> Thanks,
>> Miklos
> --
> Best Regards, Edward J. Yoon
> http://blog.udanax.org
> http://twitter.com/eddieyoon

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