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From Steve Loughran <ste...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Merge HADOOP-13341
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2016 09:50:56 GMT

> On 7 Sep 2016, at 14:44, Allen Wittenauer <aw@effectivemachines.com> wrote:
> 	I’d like to call for a vote to run for 5 days (ending  Mon 12, 2016 at 7AM PT) to
merge the HADOOP-13341 feature branch into trunk. This branch was developed exclusively by
me.  As usual with large shell script changes, it's been broken up into several smaller commits
to make it easier to read.  The core of the functionality is almost entirely in hadoop-functions.sh
with the majority of the rest of the new additions either being documentation or test code.
In addition, large swaths of code is removed from the hadoop, hdfs, mapred, and yarn executables.
> 	Here's a quick summary:
> * makes the rules around _OPTS consistent across all the projects
> * makes it possible to provide custom _OPTS for every hadoop, hdfs, mapred, and yarn
> * with the exception of deprecations, removes all of the custom daemon _OPTS handling
sprinkled around the hadoop, hdfs, mapred, and yarn subcommands
> * removes the custom handling handling of HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS and makes it consistent
for non-daemon subcommands
> * makes the _USER blocker consistent with _OPTS as well as providing better documentation
around this feature's existence.  Note that this is an incompatible change against -alpha1.
> * by consolidating all of this code, makes it possible to finally fix a good chunk of
the "directory name containing spaces blows up the bash code" problems that's been around
since the beginning of the project
> 	Thanks!

I'm trying to do the review effort here even though I don't know detailed bash, as I expect
I don't know any less than others, and what better way to learn than reviewing code written
by people that do know bash? 

I can see the branch at https://github.com/apache/hadoop/tree/HADOOP-13341

And the patch at  https://github.com/apache/hadoop/blob/HADOOP-13341/hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/main/conf/hadoop-env.sh

But...the latter only does the _USER stuff, I don't see it ouching the _OPTS stuff. 

Could you submit a PR of that HADOOP-13341 branch, so I can review it there.

Like you said, one thing that will change is that  env var going from HADOOP_namenode_USER
to  HDFS_NAMENODE_USER . Like you say, incompatible with alpha-1

welll, we've a track record of breaking compatibility from alphas, so I'm OK with that, 

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