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From Karthik Kambatla <ka...@cloudera.com>
Subject Re: Looking to a Hadoop 3 release
Date Fri, 13 May 2016 00:20:38 GMT
I am with Vinod on avoiding merging mostly_complete_branches to trunk since
we are not shipping any release off it. If 3.x releases going off of trunk
is going to help with this, I am fine with that approach. We should still
make sure to keep trunk-incompat small and not include large features.

On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Chris Douglas <cdouglas@apache.org> wrote:

> If we're not starting branch-3/trunk, what would distinguish it from
> trunk/trunk-incompat? Is it the same mechanism with different labels?
> That may be a reasonable strategy when we create branch-3, as a
> release branch for beta. Releasing 3.x from trunk will help us figure
> out which incompatibilities can be called out in an upgrade guide
> (e.g., "new feature X is incompatible with uncommon configuration Y")
> and which require code changes (e.g., "data loss upgrading a cluster
> with feature X"). Given how long trunk has been unreleased, we need
> more data from deployments to triage. How to manage transitions
> between major versions will always be case-by-case; consensus on how
> we'll address generic incompatible changes is not saving any work.
> Once created, removing functionality from branch-3 (leaving it in
> trunk) _because_ nobody volunteers cycles to address urgent
> compatibility issues is fair. It's also more workable than asking that
> features be committed to a branch that we have no plan to release,
> even as alpha. -C
> On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 6:50 PM, Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli
> <vinodkv@apache.org> wrote:
> > Tx for your replies, Andrew.
> >
> >>> For exit criteria, how about we time box it? My plan was to do monthly
> >> alphas through the summer, leading up to beta in late August / early
> Sep.
> >> At that point we freeze and stabilize for GA in Nov/Dec.
> >
> >
> > Time-boxing is a reasonable exit-criterion.
> >
> >
> >> In this case, does trunk-incompat essentially become the new trunk? Or
> are
> >> we treating trunk-incompat as a feature branch, which periodically
> merges
> >> changes from trunk?
> >
> >
> > It’s the later. Essentially
> >  - trunk-incompat = trunk + only incompatible changes, periodically kept
> up-to-date to trunk
> >  - trunk is always ready to ship
> >  - and no compatible code gets left behind
> >
> > The reason for my proposal like this is to address the tension between
> “there is lot of compatible code in trunk that we are not shipping” and
> “don’t ship trunk, it has incompatibilities”. With this, we will not have
> (compatible) code not getting shipped to users.
> >
> > Obviously, we can forget about all of my proposal completely if everyone
> puts in all compatible code into branch-2 / branch-3 or whatever the main
> releasable branch is. This didn’t work in practice, have seen this not
> happening prominently during 0.21, and now 3.x.
> >
> > There is another related issue - "my feature is nearly ready, so I’ll
> just merge it into trunk as we don’t release that anyways, but not the
> current releasable branch - I’m lazy to fix the last few stability related
> issues”. With this, we will (should) get more disciplined, take feature
> stability on a branch seriously and merge a feature branch only when it is
> truly ready!
> >
> >> For 3.x, my strawman was to release off trunk for the alphas, then
> branch a
> >> branch-3 for the beta and onwards.
> >
> >
> > Repeating above, I’m proposing continuing to make GA 3.x releases also
> off of trunk! This way only incompatible changes don’t get shipped to users
> - by design! Eventually, trunk-incompat will be latest 3.x GA + enough
> incompatible code to warrant a 4.x, 5.x etc.
> >
> > +Vinod

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