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From Apache Jenkins Server <jenk...@builds.apache.org>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: Hadoop-Yarn-trunk #1203
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2015 16:37:53 GMT
See <https://builds.apache.org/job/Hadoop-Yarn-trunk/1203/changes>


[zhezhang] HDFS-7347. Configurable erasure coding policy for individual files and

[zhezhang] HDFS-7339. Allocating and persisting block groups in NameNode.

[zhezhang] HDFS-7652. Process block reports for erasure coded blocks. Contributed

[zhezhang] Fix Compilation Error in TestAddBlockgroup.java after the merge

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11514. Raw Erasure Coder API for concrete encoding and decoding

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11534. Minor improvements for raw erasure coders ( Contributed by

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11541. Raw XOR coder

[zhezhang] HDFS-7716. Erasure Coding: extend BlockInfo to handle EC info.

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11542. Raw Reed-Solomon coder in pure Java. Contributed by Kai

[zhezhang] HDFS-7749. Erasure Coding: Add striped block support in INodeFile.

[zhezhang] Addendum fix for HDFS-7749 to be compatible with HDFS-7993

[zhezhang] HDFS-7837. Erasure Coding: allocate and persist striped blocks in

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11643. Define EC schema API for ErasureCodec. Contributed by Kai

[zhezhang] HDFS-7872. Erasure Coding: INodeFile.dumpTreeRecursively() supports to

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11646. Erasure Coder API for encoding and decoding of block group

[zhezhang] HDFS-7853. Erasure coding: extend LocatedBlocks to support reading from

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11705. Make erasure coder configurable. Contributed by Kai Zheng

[zhezhang] Fixed a compiling issue introduced by HADOOP-11705.

[zhezhang] HDFS-7936. Erasure coding: resolving conflicts when merging with

[zhezhang] HDFS-7826. Erasure Coding: Update INodeFile quota computation for

[zhezhang] HDFS-7912. Erasure Coding: track BlockInfo instead of Block in

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11706 Refine a little bit erasure coder API

[zhezhang] Updated CHANGES-HDFS-EC-7285.txt accordingly

[zhezhang] HDFS-7369. Erasure coding: distribute recovery work for striped blocks

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11707. Add factory to create raw erasure coder.  Contributed by

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11647. Reed-Solomon ErasureCoder. Contributed by Kai Zheng

[zhezhang] HDFS-7936. Erasure coding: resolving conflicts when merging with

[zhezhang] HDFS-7864. Erasure Coding: Update safemode calculation for striped

[zhezhang] HDFS-7827. Erasure Coding: support striped blocks in non-protobuf

[zhezhang] HDFS-7936. Erasure coding: resolving conflicts when merging with

[zhezhang] HDFS-7716. Add a test for BlockGroup support in FSImage.  Contributed by

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11664. Loading predefined EC schemas from configuration.

[zhezhang] HDFS-7936. Erasure coding: resolving conflicts in the branch when

[zhezhang] HDFS-7907. Erasure Coding: track invalid, corrupt, and under-recovery

[zhezhang] HDFS-8005. Erasure Coding: simplify striped block recovery work

[zhezhang] HDFS-8027. Erasure Coding: Update CHANGES-HDFS-7285.txt with branch

[zhezhang] HDFS-7617. Add unit tests for editlog transactions for EC. Contributed

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11782 Correct two thrown messages in ECSchema class. Contributed

[zhezhang] HDFS-7936. Erasure coding: resolving conflicts in the branch when

[zhezhang] HDFS-7839. Erasure coding: implement facilities in NameNode to create

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11740. Combine erasure encoder and decoder interfaces.

[zhezhang] HDFS-7936. Erasure coding: resolving conflicts in the branch when

[zhezhang] HDFS-7969. Erasure coding: NameNode support for lease recovery of

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11805 Better to rename some raw erasure coders. Contributed by

[zhezhang] Updated CHANGES-HDFS-EC-7285.txt

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11782 Correct two thrown messages in ECSchema class. Contributed

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11740. Combine erasure encoder and decoder interfaces.

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11645. Erasure Codec API covering the essential aspects for an

[zhezhang] HDFS-7782. Erasure coding: pread from files in striped layout.

[zhezhang] HDFS-7782. Erasure coding: pread from files in striped layout.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8023. Erasure Coding: retrieve eraure coding schema for a file from

[zhezhang] HDFS-8023. Erasure Coding: retrieve eraure coding schema for a file from

[zhezhang] HDFS-8074 Define a system-wide default EC schema. Contributed by Kai

[zhezhang] HDFS-8104 Make hard-coded values consistent with the system default

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11818 Minor improvements for erasurecode classes. Contributed by

[zhezhang] HDFS-8077. Erasure coding: fix bugs in EC zone and symlinks. Contributed

[zhezhang] HDFS-7889 Subclass DFSOutputStream to support writing striping layout

[zhezhang] HDFS-8090. Erasure Coding: Add RPC to client-namenode to list all

[zhezhang] HDFS-7936. Erasure coding: resolving conflicts in the branch when

[zhezhang] HDFS-8122. Erasure Coding: Support specifying ECSchema during creation

[zhezhang] HDFS-8114. Erasure coding: Add auditlog

[zhezhang] HDFS-8123. Erasure Coding: Better to move EC related proto messages to a

[zhezhang] HDFS-8027. Erasure Coding: Update CHANGES-HDFS-7285.txt with branch

[zhezhang] HDFS-7349. Support DFS command for the EC encoding (Contributed by

[zhezhang] HDFS-8120. Erasure coding: created util class to analyze striped block

[zhezhang] HDFS-7994. Detect if resevered EC Block ID is already used during

[zhezhang] HDFS-8167. BlockManager.addBlockCollectionWithCheck should check if the

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11841. Remove unused ecschema-def.xml files.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8166. DFSStripedOutputStream should not create empty blocks.

[zhezhang] HDFS-7937. Erasure Coding: INodeFile quota computation unit tests.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8145. Fix the editlog corruption exposed by failed

[zhezhang] HDFS-8146. Protobuf changes for BlockECRecoveryCommand and its fields

[zhezhang] HDFS-8181. createErasureCodingZone sets retryCache state as false always

[zhezhang] HDFS-8188. Erasure coding: refactor client-related code to sync with

[zhezhang] HDFS-8190. StripedBlockUtil.getInternalBlockLength may have overflow

[zhezhang] HDFS-8216. TestDFSStripedOutputStream should use BlockReaderTestUtil to

[zhezhang] HDFS-8212. DistributedFileSystem.createErasureCodingZone should pass

[zhezhang] HDFS-8024. Erasure Coding: ECworker frame, basics, bootstraping and

[zhezhang] HDFS-8156. Add/implement necessary APIs even we just have the system

[zhezhang] HDFS-8136. Client gets and uses EC schema when reads and writes a

[zhezhang] HDFS-8233. Fix DFSStripedOutputStream#getCurrentBlockGroupBytes when the

[zhezhang] HDFS-8223. Should calculate checksum for parity blocks in

[zhezhang] HDFS-8228. Erasure Coding: SequentialBlockGroupIdGenerator#nextValue may

[zhezhang] HDFS-8033. Erasure coding: stateful (non-positional) read from files in

[zhezhang] HDFS-8230. Erasure Coding: Ignore

[zhezhang] HDFS-8189. ClientProtocol#createErasureCodingZone API was wrongly

[zhezhang] HDFS-8235. Erasure Coding: Create DFSStripedInputStream in

[zhezhang] Fix merge conflicts.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8272. Erasure Coding: simplify the retry logic in

[zhezhang] HDFS-8282. Erasure coding: move striped reading logic to

[zhezhang] HDFS-8183. Erasure Coding: Improve DFSStripedOutputStream closing of

[zhezhang] HDFS-8308. Erasure Coding: NameNode may get blocked in

[zhezhang] HDFS-7949. WebImageViewer need support file size calculation with

[zhezhang] HDFS-8316. Erasure coding: refactor EC constants to be consistent with

[zhezhang] HDFS-8281. Erasure Coding: implement parallel stateful reading for

[zhezhang] HDFS-8137. Send the EC schema to DataNode via EC encoding/recovering

[zhezhang] HDFS-8242. Erasure Coding: XML based end-to-end test for ECCli commands

[zhezhang] HDFS-8324. Add trace info to DFSClient#getErasureCodingZoneInfo(..).

[zhezhang] HDFS-7672. Handle write failure for stripping blocks and refactor the

[zhezhang] HDFS-7348. Erasure Coding: DataNode reconstruct striped blocks.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8334. Erasure coding: rename DFSStripedInputStream related test

[zhezhang] HDFS-8129. Erasure Coding: Maintain consistent naming for Erasure Coding

[zhezhang] HDFS-8203. Erasure Coding: Seek and other Ops in DFSStripedInputStream.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8289. Erasure Coding: add ECSchema to HdfsFileStatus. Contributed

[zhezhang] HDFS-8355. Erasure Coding: Refactor BlockInfo and

[zhezhang] HDFS-7936. Erasure coding: resolving conflicts in the branch when

[zhezhang] HDFS-7678. Erasure coding: DFSInputStream with decode functionality

[zhezhang] HDFS-8372. Erasure coding: compute storage type quotas for striped

[zhezhang] HDFS-8368. Erasure Coding: DFS opening a non-existent file need to be

[zhezhang] HDFS-8363. Erasure Coding: DFSStripedInputStream#seekToNewSource. (yliu)

[zhezhang] HDFS-8195. Erasure coding: Fix file quota change when we complete/commit

[zhezhang] HDFS-8364. Erasure coding: fix some minor bugs in EC CLI (Contributed by

[zhezhang] HDFS-8391. NN should consider current EC tasks handling count from DN

[zhezhang] Merge HDFS-8394 from trunk: Move getAdditionalBlock() and related

[zhezhang] HDFS-8367 BlockInfoStriped uses EC schema. Contributed by Kai Sasaki

[zhezhang] HDFS-8352. Erasure Coding: test webhdfs read write stripe file.

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11921. Enhance tests for erasure coders. Contributed by Kai

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11920. Refactor some codes for erasure coders. Contributed by Kai

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11566. Add tests and fix for erasure coders to recover erased

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11938. Enhance ByteBuffer version encode/decode API of raw

[zhezhang] HDFS-8417. Erasure Coding: Pread failed to read data starting from

[zhezhang] HDFS-8418. Fix the isNeededReplication calculation for Striped block in

[zhezhang] HDFS-8320. Erasure coding: consolidate striping-related terminologies.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8366. Erasure Coding: Make the timeout parameter of polling

[zhezhang] HDFS-8378. Erasure Coding: Few improvements for the erasure coding

[zhezhang] HDFS-8375. Add cellSize as an XAttr to ECZone. Contributed by

[zhezhang] HDFS-8428. Erasure Coding: Fix the NullPointerException when deleting

[zhezhang] HDFS-8323. Bump GenerationStamp for write faliure in

[zhezhang] HDFS-8427. Remove dataBlockNum and parityBlockNum from BlockInfoStriped.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8186. Erasure coding: Make block placement policy for EC file

[zhezhang] HDFS-8294. Erasure Coding: Fix Findbug warnings present in erasure

[zhezhang] HDFS-8441. Erasure Coding: make condition check earlier for

[zhezhang] HADOOP-12013 Generate fixed data to perform erasure coder test.

[zhezhang] HDFS-7768. Change fsck to support EC files.  Contributed by Takanobu

[zhezhang] HDFS-8382 Remove chunkSize and initialize from erasure coder.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8408. Revisit and refactor ErasureCodingInfo (Contributed by

[zhezhang] HDFS-8408. Revisit and refactor ErasureCodingInfo (Contributed by

[zhezhang] HADOOP-12029. Remove chunkSize from ECSchema as its not required for

[zhezhang] HADOOP-11847 Enhance raw coder allowing to read least required inputs in

[zhezhang] Addendum fix for HDFS-7912.

[jing9] HDFS-8479. Erasure coding: fix striping related logic in

[zhezhang] HDFS-8481. Erasure coding: remove workarounds in client side stripped

[kai.zheng] HADOOP-12011 Allow to dump verbose information to ease debugging in raw

[vinayakumarb] HDFS-8336. Expose some administrative erasure coding operations to

[vinayakumarb] HDFS-8444. Erasure Coding: fix cannot rename a zone dir (Contributed by

[jing9] HDFS-8517. Fix a decoding issue in stripped block recovering in client

[jing9] HDFS-8453. Erasure coding: properly handle start offset for internal

[zhezhang] HDFS-7621. Erasure Coding: update the Balancer/Mover data migration

[yliu] HDFS-8328. Follow-on to update decode for DataNode striped blocks

[zhz] HDFS-8319. Erasure Coding: support decoding for stateful read.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8460. Erasure Coding: stateful read result doesn't match data

[kai.zheng] HADOOP-12065 Using more meaningful keys in EC schema. Contributed by Kai

[kai.zheng] HDFS-8557 Allow to configure RS and XOR raw coders. Contributed by Kai

[vinayakumarb] HDFS-8556. Erasure Coding: Fix usage of 'createZone' (Contributed by

[waltersu4549] HDFS-8571. Fix TestErasureCodingCli test. Contributed by Vinayakumar B.

[vinayakumarb] HDFS-8450. Erasure Coding: Consolidate erasure coding zone related

[jing9] HDFS-8585. Erasure Coding: Remove dataBlockNum and parityBlockNum from

[yliu] HDFS-8559. Erasure Coding: fix non-protobuf fsimage for striped blocks.

[jing9] HDFS-8580. Erasure coding: Persist cellSize in BlockInfoStriped and

[vinayakumarb] HDFS-8466. Refactor BlockInfoContiguous and fix NPE in

[vinayakumarb] HDFS-8466. Refactor BlockInfoContiguous and fix NPE in

[jing9] HDFS-8254. Avoid assigning a leading streamer in StripedDataStreamer to

[jing9] HDFS-8543. Erasure Coding: processOverReplicatedBlock() handles striped

[jing9] HDFS-8602. Erasure Coding: Client can't read(decode) the EC files which

[jing9] HDFS-8567. Erasure Coding: SafeMode handles file smaller than a full

[szetszwo] HDFS-8253. DFSStripedOutputStream.closeThreads releases cellBuffers

[vinayakumarb] HDFS-8468. 2 RPC calls for every file read in DFSClient#open(..)

[yliu] HDFS-8684. Erasure Coding: fix some block number calculation for striped

[jing9] HDFS-8461. Erasure coding: fix priority level of UnderReplicatedBlocks

[zhezhang] Addendum fix for HDFS-8323 (adding back a mistakenly deleted line).

[waltersu4549] HDFS-8719. Erasure Coding: client generates too many small packets when

[jing9] HDFS-8563. Erasure Coding: fsck handles file smaller than a full stripe.

[jing9] HDFS-8484. Erasure coding: Two contiguous blocks occupy IDs belong to

[bo.b.li] HDFS-8744. Erasure Coding: the number of chunks in packet is not updated

[jing9] HDFS-8669. Erasure Coding: handle missing internal block locations in

[jing9] HDFS-8702. Erasure coding: update BlockManager.blockHasEnoughRacks(..)

[jing9] HDFS-8734. Erasure Coding: fix one cell need two packets. Contributed by

[yliu] HDFS-8619. Erasure Coding: revisit replica counting for striped blocks.

[zhezhang] HDFS-8058. Erasure coding: use BlockInfo[] for both striped and

[zhezhang] HDFS-8787. Erasure coding: rename BlockInfoContiguousUC and

[waltersu4549] HDFS-8433. Erasure coding: set blockToken in LocatedStripedBlock.

[jing9] HADOOP-12060. Fix ByteBuffer usage for raw erasure coders. Contributed

[jing9] HDFS-8760. Erasure Coding: reuse BlockReader when reading the same block

[jing9] HDFS-8781. Erasure Coding: Correctly handle

[jing9] HDFS-8813. Erasure Coding: Client no need to decode missing parity

[jing9] HDFS-8798. Erasure Coding: fix

[waltersu4549] HDFS-8769. Erasure coding: unit test for

[zhezhang] HDFS-8202. Improve end to end stirpping file test to add erasure

[jing9] HDFS-8804. Erasure Coding: use DirectBufferPool in DFSStripedInputStream

[zhezhang] HDFS-8399. Erasure Coding: unit test the behaviour of BlockManager

[bo.b.li] HDFS-8857. Erasure Coding: Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in

[jing9] HDFS-8827. Erasure Coding: Fix NPE when NameNode processes

[zhezhang] HDFS-8854. Erasure coding: add ECPolicy to replace schema+cellSize in

[zhezhang] HDFS-8220. Erasure Coding: StripedDataStreamer fails to handle the

[waltersu4549] HDFS-8838. Erasure Coding: Tolerate datanode failures in

[waltersu4549] HDFS-8909. Erasure coding: update BlockInfoContiguousUC and

[jing9] HDFS-8937. Erasure coding: do not throw exception when setting

[jing9] HDFS-8978. Erasure coding: fix 2 failed tests of DFSStripedOutputStream.

[zhz] HDFS-8833. Erasure coding: store EC schema and cell size in INodeFile

[zhezhang] HDFS-8853. Erasure Coding: Provide ECSchema validation when setting EC

[vinayakumarb] HDFS-8975. Erasure coding : Fix random failure in

[wang] HDFS-7351. Document the HDFS Erasure Coding feature. Contributed by Uma

[zhezhang] HDFS-8899. Erasure Coding: use threadpool for EC recovery tasks on

[zhezhang] HDFS-9088. Cleanup erasure coding documentation. Contributed by Andrew

[zhezhang] HDFS-9097. Erasure coding: update EC command "-s" flag to "-p" when

[zhezhang] HDFS-9086. Rename dfs.datanode.stripedread.threshold.millis to

[zhezhang] HDFS-8550. Erasure Coding: Fix FindBugs Multithreaded correctness

[umamahesh] HDFS-9113. ErasureCodingWorker#processErasureCodingTasks should not fail

[zhezhang] HDFS-9091. Erasure Coding: Provide DistributedFilesystem API to

[zhezhang] HDFS-8920. Erasure Coding: when recovering lost blocks, logs can be too

[zhezhang] HDFS-8882. Erasure Coding: Use datablocks, parityblocks and cell size

[jing9] HDFS-9040. Erasure coding: coordinate data streamers in

[jlowe] YARN-3727. For better error recovery, check if the directory exists

[...truncated 5414 lines...]
Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 0.98 sec - in org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.TestSubViews
Running org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.TestWebApp
Tests run: 9, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 4.377 sec - in org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.TestWebApp
Running org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.hamlet.TestHamletImpl
Tests run: 4, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 0.618 sec - in org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.hamlet.TestHamletImpl
Running org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.hamlet.TestHamlet
Tests run: 6, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 0.714 sec - in org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.hamlet.TestHamlet
Running org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.hamlet.TestParseSelector
Tests run: 5, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 0.145 sec - in org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.hamlet.TestParseSelector

Results :

Tests run: 324, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 7

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Reactor Summary:
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN ................................ SUCCESS [  4.753 s]
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN API ............................ SUCCESS [04:41 min]
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Common ......................... FAILURE [01:47 min]
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Server ......................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Server Common .................. SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN NodeManager .................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Web Proxy ...................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN ApplicationHistoryService ...... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN ResourceManager ................ SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Server Tests ................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Client ......................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN SharedCacheManager ............. SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Applications ................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN DistributedShell ............... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Unmanaged Am Launcher .......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Site ........................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Registry ....................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Hadoop YARN Project ........................ SKIPPED
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 06:36 min
[INFO] Finished at: 2015-09-30T16:36:44+00:00
[INFO] Final Memory: 63M/1133M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.17:test (default-test)
on project hadoop-yarn-common: ExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: The forked
VM terminated without properly saying goodbye. VM crash or System.exit called?
[ERROR] Command was /bin/sh -c cd <https://builds.apache.org/job/Hadoop-Yarn-trunk/ws/hadoop-yarn-project/hadoop-yarn/hadoop-yarn-common>
&& /home/jenkins/tools/java/jdk1.7.0_55/jre/bin/java -Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=768m
-XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -jar <https://builds.apache.org/job/Hadoop-Yarn-trunk/ws/hadoop-yarn-project/hadoop-yarn/hadoop-yarn-common/target/surefire/surefirebooter5511525817397719829.jar>
[ERROR] -> [Help 1]
[ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.
[ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
[ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following
[ERROR] [Help 1] http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/MAVEN/MojoFailureException
[ERROR] After correcting the problems, you can resume the build with the command
[ERROR]   mvn <goals> -rf :hadoop-yarn-common
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Archiving artifacts
Recording test results
Updating HDFS-7617
Updating HDFS-8281
Updating HDFS-8669
Updating HDFS-8567
Updating HDFS-8382
Updating HDFS-8466
Updating HDFS-8769
Updating HADOOP-11566
Updating HDFS-8468
Updating HDFS-8282
Updating HDFS-7969
Updating HDFS-8289
Updating HDFS-8058
Updating HDFS-7768
Updating HDFS-7339
Updating HDFS-9113
Updating HDFS-8813
Updating HDFS-8571
Updating HDFS-8378
Updating HDFS-8375
Updating HADOOP-11805
Updating HDFS-8372
Updating HDFS-8479
Updating HDFS-8272
Updating HDFS-7621
Updating HDFS-7347
Updating HDFS-7349
Updating HDFS-8899
Updating HDFS-7348
Updating HDFS-8781
Updating HDFS-8481
Updating HDFS-7351
Updating HDFS-8804
Updating HDFS-8484
Updating HDFS-7826
Updating HDFS-8585
Updating HDFS-7827
Updating HDFS-8367
Updating HDFS-8368
Updating HDFS-8684
Updating HDFS-8580
Updating HDFS-8114
Updating HDFS-9088
Updating HADOOP-11646
Updating HDFS-7889
Updating HADOOP-11647
Updating HDFS-9086
Updating HDFS-8787
Updating HDFS-8077
Updating HADOOP-11541
Updating HADOOP-11542
Updating HDFS-8444
Updating HDFS-8316
Updating HDFS-8319
Updating HDFS-8074
Updating HDFS-8838
Updating HADOOP-11740
Updating HDFS-8453
Updating HADOOP-12029
Updating HDFS-8719
Updating HDFS-8320
Updating HDFS-8450
Updating HADOOP-11643
Updating HDFS-8120
Updating HADOOP-11645
Updating HDFS-8123
Updating HDFS-8937
Updating HDFS-7907
Updating HDFS-8833
Updating HDFS-8122
Updating HDFS-8104
Updating HDFS-7872
Updating HDFS-8394
Updating HDFS-9097
Updating HDFS-8399
Updating HDFS-8254
Updating HDFS-8253
Updating HADOOP-11921
Updating HDFS-8798
Updating HADOOP-11534
Updating HDFS-8308
Updating HDFS-9091
Updating HDFS-8391
Updating HDFS-8827
Updating HDFS-7782
Updating HDFS-8461
Updating HDFS-8460
Updating HDFS-8920
Updating HDFS-8517
Updating HADOOP-11920
Updating HDFS-8702
Updating HDFS-7678
Updating HADOOP-11938
Updating HDFS-8242
Updating HDFS-8090
Updating HDFS-7672
Updating HDFS-8136
Updating HDFS-8137
Updating HDFS-8146
Updating HDFS-8145
Updating HADOOP-11664
Updating HDFS-8336
Updating HDFS-8428
Updating HDFS-8427
Updating HDFS-8334
Updating HDFS-8195
Updating HDFS-7285
Updating HDFS-7993
Updating HDFS-7853
Updating HDFS-7994
Updating HDFS-8190
Updating HDFS-8294
Updating HDFS-8235
Updating HDFS-7716
Updating HDFS-8734
Updating HDFS-8027
Updating HDFS-8853
Updating HDFS-8854
Updating HDFS-8230
Updating HDFS-8857
Updating HDFS-8233
Updating HADOOP-12011
Updating HDFS-8129
Updating HADOOP-12013
Updating HDFS-7912
Updating HADOOP-11847
Updating HDFS-8441
Updating HDFS-8328
Updating HDFS-8433
Updating YARN-3727
Updating HADOOP-11841
Updating HDFS-8324
Updating HDFS-8323
Updating HDFS-7652
Updating HDFS-8909
Updating HDFS-7864
Updating HDFS-8228
Updating HDFS-8033
Updating HADOOP-11514
Updating HDFS-9040
Updating HDFS-8744
Updating HDFS-8223
Updating HDFS-8220
Updating HDFS-7949
Updating HDFS-8550
Updating HADOOP-11818
Updating HDFS-8602
Updating HDFS-8366
Updating HDFS-8363
Updating HDFS-8364
Updating HADOOP-12065
Updating HADOOP-12060
Updating HDFS-7839
Updating HADOOP-11707
Updating HDFS-8167
Updating HADOOP-11706
Updating HDFS-8166
Updating HDFS-7837
Updating HADOOP-11705
Updating HADOOP-11782
Updating HDFS-8024
Updating HDFS-8023
Updating HDFS-8543
Updating HDFS-8216
Updating HDFS-8408
Updating HDFS-7937
Updating HDFS-7936
Updating HDFS-8212
Updating HDFS-8005
Updating HDFS-8619
Updating HDFS-8563
Updating HDFS-8975
Updating HDFS-8352
Updating HDFS-8978
Updating HDFS-8355
Updating HDFS-8183
Updating HDFS-8418
Updating HDFS-8186
Updating HDFS-8417
Updating HDFS-7369
Updating HDFS-8188
Updating HDFS-8189
Updating HDFS-8156
Updating HDFS-7749
Updating HDFS-8557
Updating HDFS-8882
Updating HDFS-8556
Updating HDFS-8760
Updating HDFS-8559
Updating HDFS-8203
Updating HDFS-8202
Updating HDFS-8181

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