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From Brahma Reddy Battula <brahmareddy.batt...@huawei.com>
Subject RE: Planning Hadoop 2.6.1 release
Date Mon, 04 May 2015 02:15:28 GMT
Hello Vinod,

I am thinking,can we include HADOOP-11491 also..? wihout this jira harfs will not be usable
when cluster installed in HA mode and try to get filecontext like below..

Path path = new Path("har:///archivedLogs/application_1428917727658_0005-application_1428917727658_0008-1428927448352.har");
FileSystem fs = path.getFileSystem(new Configuration());
path = fs.makeQualified(path);
FileContext fc = FileContext.getFileContext(path.toUri(),new Configuration());

Thanks & Regards
Brahma Reddy Battula
From: Chris Nauroth [cnauroth@hortonworks.com]
Sent: Friday, May 01, 2015 4:32 AM
To: mapreduce-dev@hadoop.apache.org; common-dev@hadoop.apache.org; yarn-dev@hadoop.apache.org;
Subject: Re: Planning Hadoop 2.6.1 release

Thank you, Arpit.  In addition, I suggest we include the following:

HADOOP-11333. Fix deadlock in DomainSocketWatcher when the notification
pipe is full
HADOOP-11604. Prevent ConcurrentModificationException while closing domain
sockets during shutdown of DomainSocketWatcher thread.
HADOOP-11648. Set DomainSocketWatcher thread name explicitly
HADOOP-11802. DomainSocketWatcher thread terminates sometimes after there
is an I/O error during requestShortCircuitShm

HADOOP-11604 and 11648 are not critical by themselves, but they are
pre-requisites to getting a clean cherry-pick of 11802, which we believe
finally fixes the root cause of this issue.

--Chris Nauroth

On 4/30/15, 3:55 PM, "Arpit Agarwal" <aagarwal@hortonworks.com> wrote:

>HDFS candidates for back-porting to Hadoop 2.6.1. The first two were
>requested in [1].
>HADOOP-11674. oneByteBuf in CryptoInputStream and CryptoOutputStream
>should be non static
>HADOOP-11710. Make CryptoOutputStream behave like DFSOutputStream wrt
>HDFS-7009. Active NN and standby NN have different live nodes.
>HDFS-7035. Make adding a new data directory to the DataNode an atomic and
>improve error handling
>HDFS-7425. NameNode block deletion logging uses incorrect appender.
>HDFS-7443. Datanode upgrade to BLOCKID_BASED_LAYOUT fails if duplicate
>block files are present in the same volume.
>HDFS-7489. Incorrect locking in FsVolumeList#checkDirs can hang datanodes
>HDFS-7503. Namenode restart after large deletions can cause slow
>HDFS-7575. Upgrade should generate a unique storage ID for each volume.
>HDFS-7579. Improve log reporting during block report rpc failure.
>HDFS-7587. Edit log corruption can happen if append fails with a quota
>HDFS-7596. NameNode should prune dead storages from storageMap.
>HDFS-7611. deleteSnapshot and delete of a file can leave orphaned blocks
>in the blocksMap on NameNode restart.
>HDFS-7714. Simultaneous restart of HA NameNodes and DataNode can cause
>DataNode to register successfully with only one NameNode.
>HDFS-7733. NFS: readdir/readdirplus return null directory attribute on
>HDFS-7831. Fix the starting index and end condition of the loop in
>HDFS-7885. Datanode should not trust the generation stamp provided by
>HDFS-7960. The full block report should prune zombie storages even if
>they're not empty.
>HDFS-8072. Reserved RBW space is not released if client terminates while
>writing block.
>HDFS-8127. NameNode Failover during HA upgrade can cause DataNode to
>finalize upgrade.
>[1] Will Hadoop 2.6.1 be released soon?
>On 4/27/15, 11:47 AM, "Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli" <vinodkv@apache.org>
>>There were several requests on the user lists [1] for a 2.6.1 release. I
>>got many offline comments too.
>>Planning to do a 2.6.1 release in a few weeks time. We already have a
>>of tickets committed to 2.7.1. I created a filter [2] to tracking pending
>>We need to collectively come up with a list of critical issues. We can
>>the JIRA Target Version field for the same. I see some but not a whole
>>of new work for this release, most of it is likely going to be pulling in
>>critical patches from 2.7.1/2.8 etc.
>>[1] Will Hadoop 2.6.1 be released soon?
>>[2] 2.6.1 pending tickets

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