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From Bear Giles <bgi...@snaplogic.com>
Subject embedded HDFS cluster + Kerberos question
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2017 15:28:08 GMT
Stupid question but der google insists on telling me how to set up Kerberos
on CDH and HDP clusters using GUIs instead of how to do it at a very low

I have an embedded KDC and DFS servers running in my unit tests. I know how
to create the DFS Kerberos principals in the KDC and configure the DFS so
it knows the principals to use and a modified 'kinit command' so that it
refers to the krb5.conf file for the embedded KDC.

However I can't figure out where to put the keytab file so the embedded DFS
server (and potentially other embedded servers) knows where to find it.

I've gone as far as doing 'sudo / find -name "*.keytab"' on some of my
actual clusters to see where the file is located, with no luck.

Where do the server keytab files go?


Bear Giles

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