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From Ralph Soika <ralph.so...@imixs.com>
Subject Is Hadoop validating the checksum when reading only a part of a file?
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2017 13:53:36 GMT

I have a question about the read behavior of partial read in a large 
data file.
I want to implement a archive solution where I append smaller XML files 
into a big archive file via WebHDFS.
For each new added file, my client stores the offset and size of the xml 
file appended into the archive file.
Wen I later need to read a XML file from the big archive file, I use the 
'offset' and 'length' parameter to read  only a part of the file:


My question now is: Is in this case Hadoop verifying the checksum to 
guaranties the data integrity of the partial read?

I guess only the checksum of the affected block will be verified but not 
the complete archive file?
Or is partial read a performance issue?

Thanks for help in advance


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