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From Ravikant Dindokar <ravikant.i...@gmail.com>
Subject Unable to see userlogs in hadoop 1.2.1
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 08:58:17 GMT
Hi Hadoop User,

For debugging purpose, I have added some syso statements in mapper and
reducer code.
Earlier I used to see under $HADOOP_HOME/logs/userlogs/job_idxxxx files
like stderr, stdlog,stdout. I used to check the syso statements in stdout
file. But from the last time I formatted the namenode I did not see such
files anymore ( even after successful job completion ). Instead files like

attempt_201601071411_0003_m_000000_0  attempt_201601071411_0003_m_000060_0
attempt_201601071411_0003_m_000001_0  attempt_201601071411_0003_m_000061_0


job-acls.xml are found in log directory. (hadoop-1.2.1/logs/userlogs)

Can someone  point out where can I see the system.out.pritln statements?


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