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From darekg11 <darek...@tlen.pl>
Subject Problem regarding conf.set(String, String[] values) Hadoop 2.6
Date Sat, 14 Nov 2015 22:48:12 GMT
Hello, dear users - it is my first time on this mailing list so I hope I am asking in the right
I decided to write about this issue on this mailing list because to be honest I don't know
if this is bug or feature ; )
My problem:
Addings array of strings to Configuration object via conf.set(String name, String values...)
and later retrieving it via conf.get fails for case when Your string ends with comma.
Following example:
String[] values = new String[2];
values[0] = "Test";
values[1] = "Test1,";
conf.set("Test mode", values);
String[] orginalValues = conf.get("Test mode")
Results in:
originalValues[0] = "Test"
originalValues[1] = "Test1"
I would like to know if it is bug or the way it is suppose to eb due to comma seperation of
strings in StringUtils.
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