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From Dongwon Kim <eastcirc...@postech.ac.kr>
Subject Run my own application master on a specific node in a YARN cluster
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2015 02:04:32 GMT

First of all, I'm using Hadoop-2.6.0. I want to launch my own app
master on a specific node in a YARN cluster in order to open a server
on a predetermined IP address and port. To that end, I wrote a driver
program in which I created a ResourceRequest object and called
setResourceName method to set a hostname, and attached it to a
ApplicationSubmissionContext object by
callingsetAMContainerResourceRequest method.

I tried several times but couldn't launch the app master on a specific
node. After searching code, I found that RMAppAttemptImpl invalidates
what I've set in ResourceRequest as follows:

    // Currently, following fields are all hard code,
    // TODO: change these fields when we want to support
    // priority/resource-name/relax-locality specification for AM
    // allocation.

Is there another way to launch a container for an application master
on a specific node in Hadoop-2.6.0?


Dongwon Kim

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