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From Krish Donald <gotomyp...@gmail.com>
Subject Cloudera Agent not starting
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 04:54:03 GMT

I am trying to setup cluster but getting below error:

error: No socket could be created on ('nn1.amazonaws.com', 9000) -- [Errno
99] Cannot assign requested address

I checked nothing is running on port 9000 .
/etc/hosts file contains   localhost.amazonaws localhost
::1         localhost.amazonaws localhost   localhost.localdomain localhost   localdomain localhost
52.xx.xx.1 nn1.amazonaws.com nn1
52.xx.xx.2  nn2.amazonaws.com nn2
52.xx.xx.3 dn1.amazonaws.com dn1
52.xx.xx.4 dn2.amazonaws.com dn2
52.xx.xx.5  dn3.amazonaws.com dn3

The below script also giving the correct result i.e. correct hostname and
ip address.
python -c 'import socket; print socket.getfqdn (), socket.gethostbyname
(socket.getfqdn ())'

Not sure what else to look for.

Please guide.



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