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From Ulul <had...@ulul.org>
Subject Re: Missing FSImage file
Date Sat, 21 Feb 2015 22:36:41 GMT
You should have an fsimage in the secondary namenode directory (defined 
bydfs.namenode.checkpoint.dir) and ideally your fs.namenode.name.dir 
should point to more than one place).

Start by copying somewhere everything you find in directories pointed by 
fs.namenode.name.dir, dfs.namenode.edits.dir and dfs.namenode.checkpoint.dir

You can activate safemode and do a saveNamespace to create at least an 

Then try to see if you can find an fsimage with the following edits. If 
ever you can find a complete set you can try copying them to 
fs.namenode.name.dir and start with that

If you don't have a coherent set of files, namenode recover is your 
friend (never had to use that though, can just wish you luck...)


Le 20/02/2015 12:21, tHejEw limudomsuk a écrit :
> Dear all I run hadoop 2.4.0  with single node since Nov 2014, After I
 > receive error from webservice about block missing so I use hdfs fsck
 > to check and I found that lots of files was corrupted. And in name
 > folder I have only files edits_xxxxx but I can't find any fsimage
 > file inside. Can anyone suggest me how can I solve this problem
 > without format namenode? Last time I format namenode but all data was
 > gone.
 > Thanks.

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