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From Thomas Demoor <thomas.dem...@amplidata.com>
Subject Re: getting counters from specific hadoop jobs
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2014 13:11:32 GMT
Hi Bart,

Dieter beat me to it. An alternative would be grepping from the logs.

Furthermore, if you write/alter the source code of the applications
yourself rather than using f.i. the examples included with Hadoop, you can
access the id though job.getJobId() once the job has been submitted and
process (print) it to your liking. More info on the Job interface:

Good luck and nice to see Belgian academics with interest in Hadoop,

Thomas Demoor
skype: demoor.thomas
mobile: +32 497883833

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 1:32 PM, Bart Vandewoestyne <
Bart.Vandewoestyne@telenet.be> wrote:

> Hello list,
> I order to learn about Hadoop performance tuning, I am currently
> investigating the effect of certain Hadoop configuration parameters on
> certain Hadoop counters.  I would like to do something like the following
> (from the command line):
> for some_config_parameter in set_of_config_values
>   Step 1) run hadoop job with 'hadoop jar ....'
>   Step 2) once job finished, get the value of one or more Hadoop counters
> of this job
> I know that I can achieve step 2 with the -counter option of the mapred
> job command:
> bart@sandy-quad-1:~$ mapred job -counter
> Usage: CLI [-counter <job-id> <group-name> <counter-name>]
> However, I need to specify a job-id here, and that is where I'm having
> trouble... I don't know an easy way to get the job-id from the hadoop job
> that I started in Step 1.  I also don't know of a way to specify a job-id
> myself in Step 1 so that I can use it later in Step 2.
> I cannot imagine I'm the only one trying to run jobs and requesting some
> of the counters afterwards.  How is this typically solved?
> Note that I'm looking for a command-line solution, something that is
> scriptable bash or so.
> Thanks,
> Bart

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