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From Raghavendra Chandra <raghavchandra.learn...@gmail.com>
Subject Query regarding the replication factor in hadoop
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2014 12:16:26 GMT
Hi All,

I have one very basic query regarding the replication factor in HDFS.


I have 4 node cluster : 3 data nodes and 1 master node.

The replication factor is 3. So ideally each data node would  get one
replica .

Assume that meanwhile one of the data node went down.

so ideally we will be having 2 data nodes.


1. How hadoop will take care of balancing of replicas as the required
replicas are 3 , but we have only 2 data nodes up and running.

2. What happens when we try to write new  data into hdfs at this point of
time ? whether the write would be successful with only 2 data nodes and
replication factor 3 or it returns any error message?

These queries might be simple, but it would be really helpful if some one
can answer.

Thanks and regards,
Raghav Chandra

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