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From dlmarion <dlmar...@hotmail.com>
Subject HA NN Failover question
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2014 00:21:39 GMT
I was doing some testing with HA NN today. I set up two NN with active
failover (ZKFC) using sshfence. I tested that its working on both NN by
doing 'kill -9 <pid>' on the active NN. When I did this on the active node,
the standby would become the active and everything seemed to work. Next, I
logged onto the active NN and did a 'service network stop' to simulate a
NIC/network failure. The standby did not become the active in this scenario.
In fact, it remained in standby mode and complained in the log that it could
not communicate with (what was) the active NN. I was unable to find anything
relevant via searches in Google in Jira. Does anyone have experience
successfully testing this? I'm hoping that it is just a configuration


FWIW, when the network was restarted on the active NN, it failed over almost





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