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From Anfernee Xu <anfernee...@gmail.com>
Subject How to migrate to YARN with custom scheduler
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2014 18:10:32 GMT

Here's my situation, currently I have hadoop v1 cluster and I made some
changes to CapacityTaskScheduler to meet my requirement as below

My MR job is fetching data from HDFS(the data is generated by someone else)
and put the data on a certain node in the cluster, I need the data
distribution shall be even over time, in order to find the target node, I
changed CapacityTaskScheduler in such way that it will select the node
which has the largest disk space.

Now I want to move to YARN, what changes I need to made to meet my
requirement? I have some thoughts, please comment.

1) implement a new policy to Fair Scheduler, and what tricky part I need to
care about?

Another question is more generic, if I have 2 applications in my YARN
cluster, one is MR and another is XXX, they have different requirement on
resource, is it possible I can have different scheduler per application in
the same cluster?



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