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From Daniel Savard <daniel.sav...@gmail.com>
Subject Hadoop 2.2.0 from source configuration
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2013 04:34:27 GMT
I am trying to configure hadoop 2.2.0 from source code and I found the
instructions really crappy and incomplete. It is like they were written to
avoid someone can do the job himself and must contract someone else to do
it or buy a packaged version.

It is about three days I am struggling with this stuff with partial
success. The documentation is less than clear and most of the stuff out
there apply to earlier version and they haven't been updated for version

I was able to setup HDFS, however I am still unable to use it. I am doing a
single node installation and the instruction page doesn't explain anything
beside telling you to do this and that without documenting what each thing
is doing and what choices are available and what guidelines you should
follow. There is even environment variables you are told to set, but
nothing is said about what they mean and to which value they should be set.
It seems it assumes prior knowledge of everything about hadoop.

Anyone knows a site with proper documentation about hadoop or it's hopeless
and this whole thing is just a piece of toxicware?

I am already looking for alternate solutions to hadoop which for sure will
be a nightmare to manage and install each time a new version, release will
become available.

Daniel Savard

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