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From Koert Kuipers <ko...@tresata.com>
Subject question about hdfs data loss risk
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2013 18:42:12 GMT
i have a cluster with replication factor 2. wit the following events in
this order, do i have data loss?

1) shut down a datanode for maintenance unrelated to hdfs. so now some
blocks only have replication factor 1

2) a disk dies in another datanode. let's assume some blocks now have
replication factor 0 since they were on this disk that died and on the
datanode that is shut down for maintenance.

3) bring back up the datanode that was down for maintenance.

what i am worried about is that the namenode gives up on a block with
replication factor 0 after steps 1) and 2) and considers it lost, and by
the time the replica will come back on again in step 3) the namenode no
longer considers the block to be existent.

thanks! koert

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