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From Lin Yang <lin.yang.ja...@gmail.com>
Subject Setup Hadoop cluster on SUSE
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 02:30:49 GMT
Hi, dear friends,

Recently, I'm trying to setup a hadoop cluster with 2 nodes, each of which
is running a SUSE 11 OS.

However, when I tried to run "start-all.sh" from namenode, a error happened:
mh1:~# start-all.sh
starting namenode, logging to
*: Name or service not knwnstname mh2*
mh1: starting secondarynamenode, logging to
*: Name or service not knownstname mh2*

But I have already modified the /etc/hosts of each node like this:
---- localhost mh1 mh2

and I could successfully connect to mh2 with SSH:
mh1:~ # ssh mh2
last login: Thu Jun 20 10:20:32 2013 from mh1
mh2:~ #

If i use the IP address  of mh2 instead of its hostname in
$HADOOP_HOME/conf/slaves, the whole cluster works fine. However, I'm still
wondering why I could not use hostname as usual?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Lin Yang

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