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From Michael Namaiandeh <mnamaian...@healthcit.com>
Subject Cloudera Mgmt Services - Status unknown health
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 18:20:17 GMT
I am running a cloudera hadoop cluster and I have noticed that some of my services are showing
a status of "Unknown Health". I have checked the individual UI's (ie: HBase, TaskTracker,
Datanode, etc) and all them appear to be healthy and running smoothly.

However, for example when I look at the Datanode UI, under "Charts" I see the following error
"Errors: Internal error while querying the Host Monitor".
After reading the error logs, I do see Postgres error messages:

Passwd authentication failed for user hmon, smon, etc.
Where do I reset the password for the Postgres databases? Within Cloudera or via the psql
command directly on the server itself (where the db's are located).

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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