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From Mehul Chadha <mehul...@gmail.com>
Subject Strage performance Bug in hadoop map reduce
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2013 18:51:52 GMT

I am doing some profiling of hadoop 1.0.3 under certain workloads for my
research and I observed some very strange performance issues.

I am doing a simple join on 2 tables, and the code works as follows. The
smaller table is distributed to every mapper using DistributedCache. The
large table is distributed by the split size on every mapper. The setup
phase of mapper creates a hashmap from this small table and in the map
function on every key iteration a get on the hashmap is done. If get
returns not NULL then the output is written. No reducer is required for
this benchmark. Following is the code for the mapper:

public class Map extends Mapper<LongWritable, Text, Text, Text> {
    private HashMap<String, String> joinData = new HashMap<String,

    public void map(LongWritable key, Text value, Context context)
            throws IOException, InterruptedException {

        String textvalue = value.toString();
        String[] tokens;
        tokens = textvalue.split(",");
        if (tokens.length == 2) {
            String joinValue = joinData.get(tokens[0]);
            if (null != joinValue) {
                context.write(new Text(tokens[0]), new Text(tokens[1] + ","
                        + joinValue));

    public void setup(Context context) {
        try {
            Path[] cacheFiles = DistributedCache.getLocalCacheFiles(context

            if (null != cacheFiles && cacheFiles.length > 0) {
                String line;
                String[] tokens;
                BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(
                try {
                    while ((line = br.readLine()) != null) {

                        tokens = line.split(",");
                        if (tokens.length == 2) {
                            joinData.put(tokens[0], tokens[1]);

                } finally {

        } catch (IOException e) {
            // TODO Auto-generated catch block

The strange performance occurs in the following 2 cases: I create a small
table which is 64MB and a larger table which is 640MB. There is 1 master
and 5 slave nodes. The small table file on the local node is named as
small_table and the large table file is named as large_table.

Scenario 1:

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