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From Munnavar Sk <mshai...@aol.com>
Subject Fwd: Need Help on Hadoop cluster Setup
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 13:14:43 GMT

Hi ,

I am new to Hadoop and I am fighting with this last 20days, somehowI got very good stuff on
But, some question are roaming around me...I hope, I can getthe answers from your end...!
I was setup a cluster in distributed mode with 5 nodes. Ihave configured Namenode and DataNodes
and all datannodes are able to logingfrom namenode without password.
Hadoop and Java installed on same location in all the Nodes.After starting the cluster, I
was check every node using with "jps"command.
NameNode it was shows that all demonsrunning(NameNode,JobTracker,SecondryNameNode). 
Same process is I applied for Datanodes. But, Some nodesonly showing that TaskTracer running,
only one node shows that DataNode andTaskTracker runs perfectly.
My Question is that the configuration files are required tocopy all the nodes which is located
in $HADOOP_HOME/conf directory?
And why that DataNode is not running on remaining nodes?
Please clarify this doubts, so that I can able to moveahead... :)
Thank you,
M Shaik

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