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From Patai Sangbutsarakum <silvianhad...@gmail.com>
Subject What to do/check/debug/root cause analysis when jobtracker hang
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 23:21:18 GMT
Lately, jobtracker in one of our production cluster fall into hang state.
The load 5,10,15min is like 1 ish;
with top command, jobtracker has 100% cpu all the time.

So, i went ahead to try top -H -p jobtracker_pid, and always see a
thread that have 100% cpu all the time.

Unless we restart jobtracker, the hang state would never go away.

I found OOM in jobtracker log file during the hang state.

how could i know what is really going on on the one and only one
thread that has 100% cpu.

how could i prove that we run out of memory because amount of job
there is memory leak in application side. ?

I tried jstack to dump, and http://jobtracker:50030/stacks

i just don't know what I should really look at output of those commands.

The cluster is cdh3u4, on Centos6.2, with disable transparent_hugepage.

hopefully this make sense,

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