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From Sebastiano Vigna <vi...@di.unimi.it>
Subject Re: Correct way to unzip locally an archive in Yarn
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2013 10:34:43 GMT
On 15 February 2013 16:57, Robert Evans <evans@yahoo-inc.com> wrote:

> Are you trying to run a Map/Reduce job or are you writing a new YARN
> application?  If it is a MR job, then it should work mostly the same as
> before (on 1.x). If you are writing a new YARN application then there is a
> separate Map in the ContainerLaunchContext that you need to fill in.

It's a MapReduce job (0.23.6). After two days of useless trials, I'm
uploading the zip with -files and I wrote a stub to unzip it manually. I
was positively unable to get the archive unzipped *to a local directory* in
any way.

Unfortunately it works in local but not on the cluster. I have still to
discover why. :(


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