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From jamal sasha <jamalsha...@gmail.com>
Subject probably very stupid question
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 23:44:25 GMT
  Probably a very lame question.
I have two documents and I want to find the overlap of both documents in
map reduce fashion and then compare the overlap (lets say I have some
measure to do that)

SO this is what I am thinking:

    1) Run the normal wordcount job on one document (
    2) But rather than saving a file, save everything in a
    3) Pass that HashMap along the second wordcount mapreduce program and
then as I am processing the second document, check the words against the
HashMap to find whether the word is present or not.

So, something like this

     1) HashMap<String, boolean> hm = runStepOne(); <-- map reduce job
     2) runSteptwo(HashMap<String, boolean>)
How do I do this in hadoop
I know there can be some other hacks but what I am trying to achieve is get
comfortable with the java framework..
So, from the above link.. how do i save the datastrcuture instead of file.
How do I pass the datastructure as an argument?

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