Hello Jamal,

   I use a different approach based on the no of cores. If you have, say a 4 cores machine then you can have (0.75*no cores)no.  of MR slots. 
For example, if you have 4 physical cores OR 8 virtual cores then you can have 0.75*8=6 MR slots. You can then set 3M+3R or 4M+2R and so on as per your requirement.

    Mohammad Tariq

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I’ve read somethere about keeping number of mapred.reduce.tasks below the reduce task capcity. Here is what I just tested:


Output 25Gb. 8DN cluster with 16 Map and Reduce Task Capacity:


1 Reducer   – 22mins

4 Reducers – 11.5mins

8 Reducers – 5mins

10 Reducers – 7mins

12 Reducers – 6:5mins

16 Reducers – 5.5mins


8 Reducers have won the race. But Reducers at the max capacity was very clos. J





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Hi Sasha

In general the number of reduce tasks is chosen mainly based on the data volume to reduce phase. In tools like hive and pig by default for every 1GB of map output there will be a reducer. So if you have 100 gigs of map output then 100 reducers.
If your tasks are more CPU intensive then you need lesser volume of data per reducer for better performance results.

In general it is better to have the number of reduce tasks slightly less than the number of available reduce slots in the cluster.

Bejoy KS

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Subject: guessing number of reducers.


By default the number of reducers is set to 1..
Is there a good way to guess optimal number of reducers....
Or let's say i have tbs worth of data... mappers are of order 5000 or so...
But ultimately i am calculating , let's say, some average of whole data... say average transaction occurring...
Now the output will be just one line in one "part"... rest of them will be empty.So i am guessing i need loads of reducers but then most of them will be empty but at the same time one reducer won't suffice..
What's the best way to solve this..
How to guess optimal number of reducers..

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