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From Bharati <bharati.ad...@mparallelo.com>
Subject machine.jsp
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2012 05:47:21 GMT
I am new to hadoop.
I am trying to use

for (StatisticsCollector.TimeWindow window : tracker.getStatistics(). collector.DEFAULT_COLLECT_WINDOWS)
{ JobTrackerStatistics.TaskTrackerStat ttStat = tracker.getStatistics(). getTaskTrackerStat(tt.getTrackerName());
out.println("</td><td>" + ttStat.totalTasksStat.getValues(). get(window).getValue());
out.println("</td><td>" + ttStat.succeededTasksStat.getValues(). get(window).getValue());
Just as used in machines.jsp.  It throws an exception. I am surely missing something.
How I can get the total number of tasks and total number of task succeeded.
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