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From Dipesh Khakhkhar <dipeshsoftw...@gmail.com>
Subject Unsatisfied link error - how to load native library without copying it in /lib/native folder
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 23:10:18 GMT

I am a new hadoop user and have few very basic questions (they might sound
very stupid to many people so please bear with me).

I am running a MR task and my launcher program needs to load a library
using System.loadLibrary(somelibrary). This works fine if I put this
library in lib/native/Linux-amd64-64. I tried the following -

1. provided -files=/path_to_directory_containging_my_library
2. provided the following in mapred-site.xml (didn't try it in
core-site.xml or hdfs-site.xml)


I'm using hadoop 1.0.3 and this is a single node cluster for testing

I have a production environment where I'm running 4 data nodes and
currently I'm copying this file in  lib/native/Linux-amd64-64 folder in
each node's hadoop installation.

A related question regarding providing jars required for running the whole
M/R application - currently I have edited hadoop-classpath variable in
hadoop-env.sh. For cluster if I provide -libjars option will that work
without editing classpath? I require this jar's classes before launching
M/R jobs.

Also how can I provide my application jar ( i.e. bin/hadoop jar myjar
com.x.x.ProgramName )  in the data nodes? Currently I'm copying it in the
lib directory of hadoop installation.

Thanks in advance for answering my queries.


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