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From Ben Rycroft <brycrof...@gmail.com>
Subject Lib conflicts
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 11:21:46 GMT
Hi all,

I have a jar that uses the Hadoop API to launch various remote mapreduce
jobs (ie, im not using the command-line to initiate the job). The service
jar that executes the various jobs is built with maven's

My jobs all run fine except one that uses commons-codec 1.7, I get:

FATAL org.apache.hadoop.mapred.Child: Error running child :

I think this is because my jar is including commons-codec 1.7 whereas my
Hadoop install's lib has commons-codec 1.4 ...

Is their any way to instruct Hadoop to use the distributed commons-codec
1.7 (I assume this is distributed as a job dependency) rather than the
commons-codec 1.4 in the hadoop 1.0.3 core lib?

Removing commons-codec-1.4.jar from my Hadoop library folder did seem to
solve the problem for a bit, but is not working on another VM. Replacing
the 1.4 jar with the 1.7 does seem to fix the problem but this doesn't seem
too sane. Hopefully there is a better alternative.


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