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From iwannaplay games <funnlearnfork...@gmail.com>
Subject Multiple Aggregate functions in map reduce program
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 07:02:28 GMT
Hi All,

I have to get the count and sum of data
for eg if my  table is

*employeename   salary   department*
A                       1000     testing
B                       2000     testing
C                       3000     development
D                       4000     testing
E                       1000     development
F                       5000     management

I want result like

Department       TotalSalary      count(employees)

testing                    7000                 3
development           4000                  2
management           5000                  1

Please let me know whether it is possible to write a java map reduce for
this.I tried this on hive.It takes time for big data.I heard map reduce
java code will b faster.IS it true???Or i should go for pig programming??

Please guide..


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