well, it's worked for me in the past outside Hadoop itself:


  1. Turn logging up to DEBUG
  2. Make sure that the filesystem you've just loaded is what you expect, by logging its value. It may turn out to be file:///, because the normal Hadoop site-config.xml isn't being picked up

On Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 1:08 AM, Visioner Sadak <visioner.sadak@gmail.com> wrote:
but the problem is that my  code gets executed with the warning but file is not copied to hdfs , actually i m trying to copy a file from local to hdfs
   Configuration hadoopConf=new Configuration();
        //get the default associated file system
       FileSystem fileSystem=FileSystem.get(hadoopConf);       
       // HarFileSystem harFileSystem= new HarFileSystem(fileSystem);
        //copy from lfs to hdfs
       fileSystem.copyFromLocalFile(new Path("E:/test/GANI.jpg"),new Path("/user/TestDir/"));