file this as a JIRA against hadoop-common, though your machine's hostname looks suspiciously close to breaking the RFC-952 rules on hostnames


On 5 September 2012 14:49, Tony Burton <> wrote:

I'm following the steps at for building hadoop in preparation for submitting a patch.

I've checked out the trunk, and when I run "mvn test" from the top-level directory, I get the following error (snipped for clarity):

Results :

Failed tests:   testLocalHostNameForNullOrWild( expected:<hdfs/tonyb-[Precision-WorkS]tation-390@REALM> but was:<hdfs/tonyb-[precision-works]tation-390@REALM>

The test in question is:

  public void testLocalHostNameForNullOrWild() throws Exception {
    String local = SecurityUtil.getLocalHostName();
    assertEquals("hdfs/" + local + "@REALM",
                 SecurityUtil.getServerPrincipal("hdfs/_HOST@REALM", (String)null));
    assertEquals("hdfs/" + local + "@REALM",
                 SecurityUtil.getServerPrincipal("hdfs/_HOST@REALM", ""));

And my hostname is tonyb-Precision-WorkStation-390.

Any idea how I can get this test to pass?



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