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From Charles AI <hadoo...@gmail.com>
Subject Why cannot I start namenode or localhost:50070 ?
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2012 07:03:32 GMT
Hi All,
I was running a cluster of one master and 4 slaves. I copied the
hadoop_install folder from the master to all 4 slaves, and configured them
How ever when i sh start-all.sh from the master machine. It shows below:

starting namenode, logging to
slave2: ssh: connect to host slave2 port 22: Connection refused
master: starting datanode, logging to
slave4: starting datanode, logging to
slave3: starting datanode, logging to
slave1: starting datanode, logging to
master: starting secondarynamenode, logging to
starting jobtracker, logging to
slave2: ssh: connect to host slave2 port 22: Connection refused
slave4: starting tasktracker, logging to
master: starting tasktracker, logging to
slave3: starting tasktracker, logging to
slave1: starting tasktracker, logging to

I know that slave2 is not on. But that should not be the problem. After
this , I typed 'jps' in the master's shell, and it shows:
6907 Jps
6306 DataNode
6838 TaskTracker
6612 JobTracker
6533 SecondaryNameNode

And when I opened this link "localhost:50030",the page said :
master Hadoop Map/Reduce Administration
Quick Links <http://master:50030/jobtracker.jsp#quicklinks>
*Started:* Mon Aug 27 14:54:46 CST 2012
*Version:* 0.20.2, r911707
*Compiled:* Fri Feb 19 08:07:34 UTC 2010 by chrisdo
*Identifier:* 201208271454

I don't quite get what the "State : INITIALIZING" means. Additionally, i
cannot open "localhost:50070".

So, Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.
in a hadoop learning cycle

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