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From Mathieu Poumeyrol <poumey...@idm.fr>
Subject Local and MapReduce Test modes
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2008 08:32:12 GMT

During my — not finished yet — struggle with the "using" clause for  
the order operator, I found out that the tests for the order clause  
where only run in MapReduce mode, not in local mode. I proposed a  
patch to fix this test, but Pi rightly suggest that we look for a more  
global approach to run the tests systematically in both modes. Indeed,  
I think I have read somewhere that the new (and very exciting)  
"illustrate" operator is only tested and only work in local mode — for  

We could have an abstract test class responsible for PigContext setup  
and teardown (local mode or MiniCluster based). All (or most of) the  
unit tests would inherit from it. The ant script could run the test  
suite twice passing some property to the abstract class to define  
which PigContext version should be used. Some tests may still want to  
"skip" one of the two modes, but at least running test in two modes  
would become the default and natural behavior.

What do you think ?

Mathieu Poumeyrol — IDM
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