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From Mathieu Poumeyrol <poumey...@idm.fr>
Subject Re: Local and MapReduce Test modes
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 14:08:13 GMT

Here is a simple proposal.

ant test runs twice the junit target, with two different values for  
the property ${test.exectype}. ant test-local runs all tests locally,  
ant-test-mapreduce runs them on the minicluster.

logs are produced in two different subdirectories of build/test : logs- 
mapreduce and logs-local to avoid confusion.

PigTestCase implements junit's TestCase, and is responsible for  
PigServer setup. All current TestCase will have to extend PigTestCase  
instead of TestCase. They can test this.execType to skip some test  

This proposal hardcodes the fact that pig supports two backends in  
PigTestCase and build.xml, but adding a new backend does not require  
to change the actual tests. Good enough for now in my opinion.

The patch contains PigTestCase, changes to build.xml and  
TestAlgebraicEval as an example of what has to be done to the actual  


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