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From Benjamin Francisoud <benjamin.francis...@joost.com>
Subject Re: Sausage: an eclipse plugin for pig
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 10:10:38 GMT
Chris Olston a écrit :
> Hi Benjamin,
> Fabulous! Please rename it to something that doesn't imply consumption 
> of pork meat (people have expressed concerns about this earlier). Thanks.
> I and Shubham Chopra have also been working on an eclipse plugin, 
> called PigPen. So far we've focused primarily on a "boxes-and-arrows" 
> editor for Pig Latin scripts, so it's probably complimentary to what 
> you're doing. It would be great to join forces.
Yes that would be great :)

I'm also part of a company [1] involve in eclipse (especially the 
EMF/GEF part of eclipse)
Collegues have created an open-source editor for Airbus call "topcased" [2]
Their experience in "boxes and arrows" editors might come handy ;)
They will be present at the next eclipsecon, you might want to meet them ;)

> Regarding adding to pig svn, I vote yes, but perhaps we can first look 
> into merging the two efforts (sausage and pig pen) --- I can tell you 
> more about pig pen in a follow-up email.
> -Chris
[1] http://www.anyware-tech.com/en/index.html
[2] http://topcased.org/

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