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From Dave Maughan <davidamaug...@gmail.com>
Subject S3AFileSystem & read-after-write consistency
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 11:07:54 GMT

I'm investigating S3's read-after-write consistency model with
S3AFileSystem and something is not quite clear to me, so I'm hoping someone
more knowledgeable can clarify it for me.

Amazon state (

*    "Amazon S3 provides read-after-write consistency for PUTS of new
objects in your S3 bucket in all regions with one caveat. **The caveat is
that if you make a HEAD or GET request to the key name (to find if the
object exists) before creating the object, Amazon S3 provides eventual
consistency for read-after-write".*

In S3FileSystem, create -> exists -> getFileStatus ->
AmazonS3Client.getObjectMetadata (HEAD).

Does this mean that currently, S3AFileSystem cannot take advantage of S3's
read-after-write consistency?

- Dave

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