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From Jaret Flores <jarflo...@gmail.com>
Subject ResourceManager Web UI strange behavior
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2016 13:17:06 GMT
To practice using Hadoop, I have recently setup 3 VMs each of which were
cloned from a VM having ArchLinux+Hadoop installed.  After cloning, i
assigned each VM a hostname and a reserved IP on my LAN:

namenode (, resourcemanager (, datanode1 (

`fs.defaultFS == hdfs://namenode:9000`
`yarn.resourcemanager.hostname == resourcemanager`
And all VMs are listed in the 'slaves' file

After `sbin/start-dfs.sh` from `namenode` and `sbin/start-yarn.sh` from
`resourcemanager`, all processes are up (seen using `jps`) and the logs on
each machine show no errors.  I am able to visit namenode:50070 from my
host machine browser to see the NameNode Web UI and see that I have 3
active DataNodes.

**The Problem**: I am unable to view the ResourceManager Web UI at
resourcemanager:8088.  Here is the behavior

Host machine:
* Navigating to resourcemanager:8088 in Chrome gives
* `curl resourcemanager:8088` gives `curl: (7) Failed to connect to
resourcemanager port 8088: Connection refused`

>From any guest VM:
* `curl resourcemanager:8088` gives an HTTP 302 (redirect) with `Location:
* Following the redirect, `curl -L resourcemanager:8088` *works* and
returns the HTML.


Host Machine OS: Windows 10
VMs OS: ArchLinux (latest, just downloaded this weekend)

I first created a VM, installed ArchLinux+Hadoop and made initial
configurations.  All VMs are created/cloned/manager via Hyper-V, all have
access to internet and can SSH between each other.


Any ideas?  I am a bit stumped since the NameNode Web UI works just fine.
I can't tell if this is just a networking issue, or there is some
difference between the webapps.  Anyone have an issue like this before?
Thanks for the help!

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