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From Maximiliano Patricio Méndez <mmen...@despegar.com>
Subject Repeated localized resource in filecache
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2015 21:15:58 GMT

I'm new to hadoop and I'm running the same map reduce job multiple times
with some unexpected behaviour.

In the mapreduce i'm adding a tmpjar dependency using the hbase utility:
TableMapReduceUtil.addDependencyJar(Redisson.class) - which finds the jar
based on the class and adds it to the "tmpjar" configuration of the
mapreduce job.

Every time I run the job a new jar added to

Is it normal to add the jar to this cache even if it's already there (under
a different ID for a previously submitted job)? Could it be that adding
dependencies with tmpjar is not the best way to add a commonly used
dependency to a mapreduce?


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