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From Shiyao Ma...@introo.me>
Subject How to monitor what hdfs block is served to a client?
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2015 23:25:51 GMT

How to monitor the block transmission log of datanodes?

A more detailed example:

My hdfs block size is 128MB. I have a file stored on hdfs with size 167.08MB.

Also, I have a client, requesting the whole file with three splits, e.g.,

hdfs://myserver:9000/myfile:0+58397994  (0-56MB)

hdfs://myserver:9000/myfile:58397994+58397994 (56MB-112MB)

hdfs://myserver:9000/myfile:116795988+58397994 (112MB-168MB)

The situation is kinda fixed and I cannot modify the split size.
Nevertheless, I'd like to know what block tranmission is happening
under the earth.

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