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From Arbi Akhina <arbi.akh...@gmail.com>
Subject Two hadoop nodes on same machine while a second machine not joining the cluster
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2015 12:53:05 GMT

I have a test cluster of two machines, on both of them hadoop is installed.
I've configured the hadoop cluster but on admin UI (as in the below
picture) I see that two nodes are running on the same master machine, and
that the other machine has no Hadoop node.

[image: enter image description here]

On master machine following services are running:

~$ jps
26310 ResourceManager
27593 Jps
26216 DataNode
26135 NameNode
26557 NodeManager
26701 JobHistoryServer

On the slave machine:

~$ jps
2614 DataNode
2920 Jps
2707 NodeManager

I don't why the slave is not joining the cluster (It was before). I tried
to shutdown all servers on both machines and format HDFS then restarting
everything but that didn't help. Any help to figure what's causing that
behavior is appreciated.

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