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From Matt Davies <m...@mattdavies.net>
Subject Forcing kerberos principals to lowercase
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2015 17:01:11 GMT
Hey everyone,

I have a situation where case sensitivity of principals is causing some
pains. Here's the set up

Centrify (Centrify.com)
hadoop on RHEL

The logins to the cluster are all using LDAP/PAM . When I do something like
"id" then it returns the lowercase version of the user.  "env" return the
upper case version

for example

env | grep USER_PRIN

When the user1234 tries to write to hdfs with a home directory of
/user/user1234 I receive a permission error.  If I create it as
/user/USER1234 then it behaves correctly.

If I were to just push a file to HDFS /tmp it looks like
-rw-r--r--    3 USER1234    hdfs     1234  2005-03-07 15:34 /tmp/file

To make matters a little more complicated some usernames are mixed case so
either upper or lower is not sufficient.  I just want to force to a lower
case user.

So, my question is  this: Is there a way to tell the kerberos setup in HDFS
to force lowercase users (matching what linux does) so that the admins do
not go crazy figuring out silly things like case?

Thanks in advance.

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