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From "John Beaulaurier -X (jbeaulau - ADVANCED NETWORK INFORMATION INC at Cisco)" <jbeau...@cisco.com>
Subject SSH passwordless & Hadoop starup/shutdown scripts
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2014 17:34:26 GMT

I had originally configured our dev cluster with SSH passwordless connectivity to the datanodes,
but had a passphrase. I have
updated with no passphrase, and have copied the new public key to all datanodes updating their
know_host files, and have tested
SSH with no passphrase from the namenode to all three datanodes with success. However when
I initiate a stop-dfs.sh or
stop-mapred.sh as user running the current Hadoop processes the following is returned without
ending the processes.

no namenode to stop
hostname,hostname,hostname,hostname: ssh: hostname,hostname,hostname,hostname: Name or service
not knows

Can someone suggest where I should be looking for configuration issues?

Thank you

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