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From Rajat Jain <rajat...@gmail.com>
Subject Different commit-ids in github across releases
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2014 07:11:47 GMT
I notice that each hadoop release-tag in github
<https://github.com/apache/hadoop> (for example, release-2.5.0 tag and
release-2.5.1 tag) have different commit-ids for the same commit (eg. this
and this
I wanted to know if there is a reason behind having different commits-ids
for the same commit in different branches.

Specifically I'm asking this question because we fork the apache hadoop
github, and customize it for our use. Because the commit-ids are different
across releases, it is difficult to merge the latest releases into our
repo. We essentially have to cherry-pick our commits into each new release.

Any suggestions on how we can make our "merges" more efficient, or is there
a plan to streamline commits across releases?


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