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From cho ju il <tjst...@kgrid.co.kr>
Subject Re: How do I recover the namenode?
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 00:12:49 GMT
Thank you for answer.
However, my Hadoop version is 2.4.1. 
Cluster does not have secondary namenode .
How do I recover the namenode( hadoop version 2.4.1 ) by using the metadata(fsimage) ?
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From: "Raj K Singh"&lt;rajkrrsingh@gmail.com&gt; 
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Sent: 2014-07-08 (화) 02:05:15
Subject: Re: How do I recover the namenode?
please follow along the steps  

•	Shutdown all Hadoop daemons on all servers in the cluster. 

•	Copy NameNode metadata onto the secondary NameNode and copy the entire directory tree
to the secondary NameNode. 

•	Modify the core-site.xml file, making the secondary NameNode server the new NameNode server.

•	Replicate that file to all servers in the cluster. 

•	Start the NameNode daemon on the secondary NameNode server. 

•	Restart the secondary NameNode daemon on the new NameNode server. 

•	Start the DataNode daemons on all DataNodes. 

•	Start the JobTracker daemon on the JobTracker node. 

•	Start the TaskTracker daemons on all the TaskTracker nodes (DataNodes) 

•	From any node in the cluster, use the “hadoop dfs –ls” command to verify that the
data file created by TeraGen exists. 

•	Check the total amount of HDFS storage used. 

•	Run “hadoop fsck /” to compare to results recorded before the NameNode was halted.

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On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 1:30 PM, cho ju il &lt;tjstory@kgrid.co.kr&gt; wrote:

cluster is.. 
2 namenodes ( ha cluster ), 3 jounalnodes, n datanodes

I regularly back up the metadata(fsimage) file. ( http://[namenode address]:50070/imagetransfer?getimage=1&amp;txid=latest

How do I recover the namenode by using the metadata(fsimage)? 


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